Pocahontas Series, The Shed With The Extra Loft Space.

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A beautiful Pocahontas shed with custom windows and door.

Our newest style of sheds, the Pocahontas series

The shed with extra loft space.

Great for totes, and Christmas decorations or just stuff.

This is a super nice shed that will set off your beautiful backyard.

Optional with double dutch doors or a roll- door.

Octagon window or transom window.

Spacious loft with the steeper roof pitch.

Available in Lp Smart siding or vinyl siding.

Metal or shingle roof.

Can be customized to fit your needs.

Check out our standard overhangs and compare!

The premier Pocahontas series has a larger loft with extra height.

Standard features include studs 16″ on centers.Truss are 24″ on center.

Check out our financing.

We also have no Credit check options.

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Premier poolside Pocohantas

Custom poolside Pocohantas.

Pocohantas 12x16_edited01

The Premier Pocahontas series.

These have extra height under the loft and in the loft.

Great for a workshop.

Pictured with chestnut brown urethane and white metal roof.

Priced at $4795


Pocahontas with octagon window.

10×16 with a standard loft.

This unit is priced at $3295.

These are our newest addition to the largest variety of sheds in Indiana.


These are great if you like a steeper pitch roof.

We can customize them to fit your needs.

Pictured here in a 10×16.

Rent to Own at only $155.60 per month, with no credit check.

pocohantas 12x16 yard

Check out this Premier Pocahontas.

These have an 8″ overhang and taller ceiling, and a taller loft area.

These are great for extra loft space and more traditional overhang.

Add some windows for a workshop.

12×20 priced at $4995


This beautiful Pocahontas shed would be great for your mower, tiller or ATV.

This unit can be set in your yard for only $4395 in 12×20.

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pocahontas interior

These work great for totes and boxes with their spacious lofts.

The steeper pitch roof is useful and makes a great looking shed that will match your home.