Preparing for delivery of your shed

#1 We need to have width clearance of approx. 2’ more than the width of the shed, for example, if you order a 10×16 shed you would need approx. 12’ wide opening to get the shed through.

#2 Check for overhead limbs, wires and trim trees if necessary

#3 Check to see if your pad is fairly level using a string then hold level on it will get you close, if more than 8″ you may want to consider leveling it up with rocks using bobcat or tractor with a scoop. We can level it with blocks but cosmetically you may not like it as well.

#4 Have concrete blocks on hand if needed we have some on the truck at extra cost.

#5 Marcus, our delivery person will contact you ahead of time for delivery.

#6 if you have any more questions please feel free to call.

How does it work?
  • We unload your shed on the street or in your driveway.
  • We unload the Mule.
  • We place the Mule at one end of the shed and we put flotation tires under the other end of your shed.
  • We then drive the Mule around your yard and right into your prepared spot.
  • We never need to get the truck and trailer in your yard.
MULE with barn.
What is a MULE?
  • A mule is a shed forklift that allows us to deliver.
  • The Mule greatly reduces yard damage and allows us to be more efficient and accommodating, with our delivery schedule.

Our delivery guy leveling up a garage building note the gravel pad

This picture shows a gravel pad ready to set your barn on,  we recommend this on any building larger than 12×20.

If you need help we can give you the contact information of a professional excavator.

John Farless


I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I am very pleased with the new building. It looks really sharp and solid. You guys did a great job of matching the photo I sent and it’s going to be perfect for my needs.

Also, wanted to put in a good word for Mark. He delivered my shed. You’ve got a good employee there. I was impressed with his ability to maneuver that building by himself. You have some impressive equipment and he’s an expert at operating it. He had to work around some pretty big obstacles with the narrow drive and that hill and he took it all in stride, figured out how to make it work and was very professional doing it.

Thanks again! I am really glad I called you guys and will refer you to others any day. Good luck with the location in Newburgh.