Garages: The Ideal Solution for Indiana’s Snowy, Bitter Winters and Hot, Humid Summers

12x20 garage

Garages are a must if you’ve ever experienced an Indiana winter.

If you’ve spent even one frigid morning chipping mounds of thick ice off your windshield only to run late for work, then you know what we mean. Not only is it inconvenient but it’s damaging, too.  When you leave your vehicle exposed to the elements, acid and dirt can cause rust and also weaken your vehicle’s topcoat. The problem gets worse: hail, falling limbs, and other natural disasters dent your vehicle and chip your paint. That can quickly turn your inconvenient morning into an insurance claim.

Then, when the temperatures spike in Indiana’s brutal summers, the interior of your vehicle can to skyrocket to more than 195 Fahrenheit. The unbearable heat can crack your dash, tear your leather seats, or fade your upholstery. Your speakers can crack and the fabric on your vehicle’s paneling may begin sagging. The elements don’t only cause unsightly issues, the heat can also cause major mechanical damage like engine, battery, fluid and air conditioning problems.

Ultimately, the best way to solve these problems is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. How? Get an Amish-built garage!

Available features include:

  • One Amish-built CHI overhead garage door
  • One 36″ fiberglass entry door
  • Simple window

Our garages are constructed with:

  •  Four 4×6 treated skids
  •  2×4 joist 12″ on center with extra blocking
  •  Treated tongue and groove LP Pro- Struct shed floor
  • Paint designed to last more than 40 years
  • Heavy duty diamond plate thresh-hold on both doors
  • Keyed entry door

We offer:

  • One and two car garages

Our garages have:

  • Optional electric garage door opener
  • Customized features to fit your needs
  • Optional heavy-duty ramps

We make it easy to own your garage with:

two car garage from raber portable storage sheds

Two car garages start at $7,995.

Garages built with LP Smart Siding

This beautiful garage is built with LP Smart siding that has a 50-year warranty.

12’x20′ priced at only $4,495!


Get your car or boat out of the brutal Indiana winters.

This 12’x24′ painted garage is priced at $5,695!

metal 2 car garage

View our incredible selection of two car garages.

This unit is priced at $8,695.

vinyl lofted garage 4

This 12’x24′ vinyl lofted garage is only $5,895!

Get this model for $278.38 per month.

portable garage

The 14’x36′ portable garage stores your ATV!

Get one today for only $6,595!

Inside 24×24 garage

You’ll love our 24’x24′ garage. It’s a great space to store your vehicles.

Our garage customers are so pleased we’re being flooded with feedback.

“Our 24×24 garage was delivered today. The installation crew was awesome! When the truck arrived with the garage I thought that there was no way they would get that thing on our property without destroying it. I was wrong. These guys were amazing. In fact, the whole process, from ordering to delivery was top-notch. I highly recommend Raber Storage Barns.”

Jeff Knapp, May 15, 2017

garage floor system

We use a standard treated joist 12″ on centers. Upgrade to a 2’x6′ joist.

lofted vinyl garage

Order your 12’x30′ vinyl lofted garage today.

This 12’x30′ is priced at $6,595. Monthly payments are $311.43!

custom garage 2

Get a 14’x24′ portable garage in many colors. Add windows and an optional cupalo.

Priced at $4,595 and up.

14×20 portable garage made from vinyl

Get your 14’x20′ portable garage made from vinyl.

Priced at $5,595. This garage works for you.

Our customers have gushed about how they can store cars, small trucks, boats, lawn tractors and more in their brand new garages.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for we’re more than happy to customize any building to suit your needs.


See how easily our garages house even the biggest trucks!

custom garage with side slide door

Get your 14’x30′ portable garage in clay with dark red trim and slider door.

custom garage

This 24×24 garage has a 12’x7′ overhead door offset to the side.

Do you have custom ideas?

Call us today.



Imagine this beautiful deluxe garage at your home.

This deluxe garage with overhang is priced at $10,195.

14x36 garage

A 1 car garage with seamless guttering has extra space for your stuff.

This 14’x36′ is priced at $6,905.