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In a hurry for a storage shed? Call today for availability of these in-stock sheds, but don't wait they will sell quickly at these prices.

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We have some new in stock units available for quick delivery.

New 24'x24' 2 car garage in stock and ready to move Regular price is $8,295 discounted to $7,465

Pre-leased 10x16 metal economy red/white $1695

NEW 10x12 Vinyl lofted gambrel $2,595

12x16 vinyl lofted garden $3,595 (not pictured)

10x16 Painted lofted gambrel $3,295

10x12 vinyl lofted garden $2,795

10x16 vinyl lofted garden $3,595

14x22 painted a frame cabin $4,995

pre-leased 8x8 bargain white/red $795


Call and check we may have some others that aren’t listed.


We will work with you to solve your storage issues and we want to help you reclaim your garage.

  • Most of our Bargain center sheds are pre-leased units with condition noted.
  • These units move very quickly, so call today.
  • Occasionally we have some sheds that have been sitting on display and need to move as well.
  • All of these units are available in Rent To Own.
  • These are great deals so order yours today.
  • We try to update daily, call for availability.
Custom pre-leased cabin

Check out this lightly used 14x22 cabin.

Priced reduced to $4,995,

Payments are available.

Call today!

Inventory reduction

Vinyl lofted gambrel with roll-door.


Regular price is $2,995

On sale for only $2,595

14x22 painted a frame cabin $4,995 Not pictured.

8x10 metal economy blue/white $1,295

Call for payment options.

Contact us today.

Inventory reduction

Check out this 10x12 lofted garden shed.

Save dollars 

Normal price is $3,295

On sale for $2,795

Call today this won’t last long.

Inventory Reduction

Viny lofted Garden Shed.

10x16 regular price is $3,995

$400 off now only $3,595

Call 812-486-2555 for details.

Inventory Reduction Price Reduced

Painted Lofted Gambrel

10x16 with fiberglass doors.

8' loft.

Regular price is $3,595

New reduced price $3,295

Call today for more information.

Darrin Davis

All the people at Raber Portable Storage are awesome. When I first ordered my building I had trouble getting a permit from the county. I had to change my area on my property where I was allowed to put it, so it took me a month and a half to get the area prepared. They were nice enough to wait until I was ready. They said to just call them when I was ready. The building was a 24ft x 30ft so it had to be taking up a lot of space in their shop. Once I was ready for it, these 2 young men ( Marcus and MarlIn) showed up and did an awesome job setting up the building. They really know what they are doing. The building is better than I ever imagined. If you need a building or garage, please use these guys. You will not be disappointed. Also, be sure to have all the permits before you order. Thanks to everyone at Raber Portable Storage.