Painted Utility Sheds, the practical way to store your stuff.

We will work with you to solve your storage issues, we want to help you reclaim your garage

  • Have treated 2×4 floor joist 12″ on center and LP Pro- Struct shed floor
  • Wall studs are 16″ on centers.
  • Treated LP Smart Siding with painted exterior
  • Great for Lawnmowers, golf carts or yard and garden equipment.
  • Can be customized with barn doors, fiberglass doors or a roll-door.
  • Available in shingle or metal roof.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • We can add a ramp for your mower.
  • No credit check payment plan.
  • Industry leading warranties.
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Painted utility barn

These barn’s work great for your lawn and garden equipment.

Available for Rent To Own call for details.

Many different paint colors to choose from.

10×12 is only $2,495


The LP painted utility shed shown with barns doors.

painted utility 4

Utility shed with ramp.

These sheds are designed to help you organize your garage this 10×16 is priced at $2,895

painted utility 3

Painted utilities Can be customized with metal or shingle roofs.

We have many different color schemes to complement your house. This unit is only $2,195

painted utility

Interior of utility sheds.

These would great for your lawn mower or tiller.

16″ on center studs.

48″ on center truss.

painted utility 2

10×12 Painted utility shed.

Priced at $2,495