Raber’s Storage Barns Corydon, Indiana

New Spring/summer hours

Monday  11-6

Wednesday  11-6

Friday     11-6

We are your local supplier for yard barns, carports, playground equipment, and lawn furniture.

We are located at 3729 Hwy 135 NE.

Corydon, IN 47591

You can call us at 812-748-5345 or 812-738-6300


corydon lot2

We have a full line of lofted garden sheds, available in vinyl,smart siding, or metal siding.

12x16 urethane gambrel corydon lot


Our urethane painted barns

Pictured in 12×20 Lofted gambrel

2 car garage corydon lot

Two car garage only $8,295

Rent to Own only $391.71

12x16 vinyl gambrel corydon

10×16 Vinyl lofted gambrel payments  are $179.21

10x12 garden corydon
12x24 garage corydon
12x24 garage with door on both ends corydon

Garden Shed.

10×12 Urethane cedar building.

12×24 metal one car garage


Payments only $198.10

Garage with door on both ends.

Metal building with double doors.

Pictured in gray/charcoal.

Metal building with double doors

size 10×16

Monthly payments only $122.54

We are your exclusive dealer for Wagler Playgrounds and All Steel Carports.

Both are available in Rent to Own!

A frame with back storage corydon
Aframe carport corydon
carport 2 car garage corydon

Carport with back storage area.

A frame metal carport.

Metal two car garage carport.

family swing corydon lot

Our Jr swing-set available in rent to own.

Priced at $1599

Payments only $94.62

jr swing corydon lot

Family style swing-set.


Payments only $147.87

Super swing corydon lot

Super swing-set.

Priced at $3299

Monthly payments only $195.21

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